Design & Engineering

We offer a wide range of complementary services on top of fabricating equipment to support clients from start to finish.
We are specialized in translating innovative ideas into feasible designs with today’s technology. Innovation does not necessarily require new technology; it often is a new optimal combination of existing technology, systems and methods geared towards serving all requirements to the maximum.

In delivering a highly efficient Cable Lay Barge to NKT to support future projects, we have designed the deck lay-out and associated equipment for their newbuild cable transport barge. In close cooperation with the client the concept of deck lay-out was developed, engineered and commissioned.

We have designed and IP protect a unique roller box system which is able to carry and distribute the loads from the basket into the spider frame with a minimum force onto the bearings. This gives them a much longer lifetime than competing roller boxes.We have tested our roller system extensively before finalizing the design and start manufacturing.

Detailed Engineering